About David Benton

My business is more to me than a job. I enjoy and take pride in the work I do. I try to let the following principles guide me:

How I run my business

Doing my best

In my industry, the barriers to entry are very low. As such, many "web designers" are grossly under qualified. I strive to stay current with industry best practices and new techniques. I've even developed a couple techniques myself. Most importantly, however, I try to understand my clients' goals and help them succeed. As I said above, I take pride in my work, and my job is to help clients meet their business needs using the web.

Social responsibility

Like many who have influenced me, I believe that a business should make the world a better place. I give 10% of my net profit to charity.

Business inspiration


One of Google's founding principles is "don't be evil," and they practice what they preach. One example is their handling of a recent minor scandal.

James Sinegal, Costco

I can't think of a better model for how to run a company than Sinegal. Despite pressure from investors to lower costs and charge as much as the market will bear, Sinegal looks out for his customers, and he looks out for his employees. Costco consistently outperforms its main competitor, Sam's Club.

Thomas Mahon, bespoke Savile Row tailor

Thomas Mahon makes custom suits from scratch (no patterns here) and writes about it on his blog. A consummate cutter and tailor, Mahon is an unusual blend of confidence and humility. I have great respect for his candidness; every time he recommends another tailor over himself (if for instance, you find a tailor whose style you prefer), I feel like writing the man a check.

Robert Dyck, CODE, Inc.

CODE, Inc. is a company that supplies election materials to elections worldwide. They supplied the indelible ink recently used in the Iraqi elections. What really impresses me about the company, though, is that 75 percent of their profits fund literacy programs in developing countries.

John Mackey, Whole Foods Market

John Mackey truly wants his company to make the world better. Read the Fast Company article, The Anarchist's Cookbook. I respect Mackey's actions as described in the article — not because of the decision he reached, but because of the way he reached it.

A modest profit

As a business owner it is easy to focus on maximizing profit, but that is not always in the best interests of those involved. I believe it is more important to focus on creating a company that I would hire, and that I would want to work for, and making a modest profit. In the long run, my customers will be happier, and so will I.

About me personally

My full name is David Barry Benton. I am an ENTP. I love to spend time with friends. I kayak, climb, mountain bike, and backpack. I have a B.B.A. in entrepreneurship. To learn more about me personally, visit my personal blog.

Contact Me

If you like what you see and would like to get started on a project, or if you have questions for me, e-mail me or call me any time at (423) 503-5503. I look forward to hearing from you.