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About Me

I'm David Benton and I'm a web designer in Chattanooga, TN. I love problem solving and finding the best way to do things. Learn how I run my business, and more about me.

I build websites that work for you

Too many websites today are built without a clear understanding of what makes a website successful. The following principles guide me and my clients in our work together.

  • Websites should be built to accomplish specific business goals
  • Visitors will only use a website if it helps them in some way
  • If a website is difficult to use, visitors will go elsewhere

If this makes sense to you, we should work together. Please contact me about your project.

Now this is smart. User-friendly smart. Just wicked smart. [...] It's such a simple and elegant solution it's amazing no one thought of this before.
Tony Stephens of Simian Design
referring to my technique for increasing inline link area

Contact Me

If you like what you see and would like to get started on a project, or if you have questions for me, e-mail me or call me any time at (423) 503-5503. I look forward to hearing from you.